Stay Focused in the Storm

Hey Conquerors,

Hope today is full of blessings and triumphs for each of you!

Oftentimes we find ourselves in some difficult situations. Trying to figure out how we are going to overcome our circumstances. Our path towards success is often blocked by mountains of hardships and heartaches. So much so, that all we can focus on is the obstacle(s) in front of us. One of the most difficult tasks is not conquering the problem, but rather remaining focused on the agenda or the goal when problems arise.

One of my favorite events in scripture is when Peter is walking on water towards Jesus, in Matthew chapter 14. As Peter is walking on water towards the Messiah, he becomes distracted by the storm happening all around him. He begins to worry and becomes more focused on the storm he’s in, rather than keeping his attention on the one who has the authority to control the storm. Jesus had already proven He had power of the storm when he rebuked the winds in Matthew chapter 8.

But Peter becomes distracted by the boisterous winds, the high tides, the sound of thunder, and lightning flashing. Once he loses focus, he begins to sink in that very storm.

Have problems ever risen as you were moving towards your goal? Have you ever become more focused on the problems rather than the agenda? Have you ever been in a situation like Peter, and started sinking deeper and deeper into your struggles? The question then becomes, how do you regain focus on the goal?

Sometimes we can get so distracted with everything life brings, that we can find ourselves way off course in some foreign territory. The surroundings can seem so strange that it feels impossible to find our way back. That is when we must remind ourselves of our purpose. The reason we began the journey in the first place. Our purpose serves as our guide. Our mission, our focus, our agenda. It is the goal that not only guides us, but drives and motivates us. If we stay focused on our purpose, then it will serve as blinders to the distractions that come onto our path.

My goal as a child was to get to college. I believed that once I got there, my adult life would be far greater than my childhood. However, my mission was often blurred by the hardships and heartaches that came along the way. My focus would get distracted by the humiliation of evictions and the worries of where we would live. The stress of trying to find light in darkness when the electricity was shut off. The frustrations of not having running water for days on end. The lack of security of moving from place to place each year. And many other obstacles caused me to be more distracted and focused on the storm, rather than focused on the goal. Causing me to sink deeper and deeper into my struggles.

Our purpose and our mission in life can seem small when we are enduring the heavy storms of life. But, remember this: Every storm is to prepare you for the next storm! There is always a new challenge to face during the journey, and even after we have arrived at our destination. However, the storms we go through help us to be prepared for the ones that will come, even after we have accomplished our goals. Even then, stay encouraged by reminding yourself of why you began this journey in the first place. Put your focus back on the mission, align it with God’s will, watch as the blessings begin to flow. Conquer your Mountains!


Charles Phillips

Conquering Mountains LLC

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