About Me


"We may not be able to control the obstacles we go through.  But we do control the outcome."

Charles has experienced his fair share of life's hardships.  From being a witness/victim of domestic violence.  The worry and shame he experienced during evictions.  The stress of where he would lay his head to sleep during his childhood.  The worry of his peers noticing the holes in the bottom of his sneakers.  The overwhelming fear of igniting his father's anger.  The countless times he had to move and sleep in a home with no power.  Even during his college years he found himself standing on the ledge of his dorm building, contemplating suicide. All has led to his diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder.  


But, through it all, Charles has not let fear, anxiety nor hardships limit his success.  He has become the first male in his entire family to graduate from college.  He has raised that bar by earning his Masters in School Counseling.  He has become the first to buy a home in his immediate family. 


Charles has conquered many mountains in his life.  He wants to share his testimony with the world in hopes it will inspire others to overcome the barriers impeding their success.  Which is why he has written, Conquering Mountains.     

C.D. Phillips